Pacific Document Imaging Inc. (PDII) -

is dedicated to providing customized document imaging solutions that guide clients to a paperLESS office. We provide top-quality, compatible software, and hardware solutions to meet your document management needs.

At Pacific Document Imaging we understand the challenges involved in moving to a LESS-paper environment. We are committed to working with your team to make the transition to a more efficient, more profitable, and LESS-paper environment.

The Paperless Office Advantage

  • Save Time

      Copying, mailing, and faxing documents becomes quick and simple.

      You won't waste time looking for misfiled documents.

  • Save Money

      Your staff will spend more time generating revenue because they handle documents only once.

      Significantly lower your overhead costs by reducing your need for storage space.

  • Superior Management

      Access your information securely anytime from anywhere.

      All documents in a single location and accessible by all will simplify document management tasks while increasing security.

  • Disaster Recovery

      Digitally secure documents ensure that theft, fire, and natural disasters will have a minimal effect on your business.

      If there is a disaster you will have a speedy and easy way to recover your documents.